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TFix was created in 2006 by Tad Vaas as a consumer electronic equipment repair and servicing company. Since the early beginning the aim of the company was to help corporate and private customers to extract value from their electronic equipment by introducing innovative techniques. This pushed TFix to become professional soldering laboratory as this enabled complicated SMT component replacement procedures. Instead of throwing the whole board away engineers identify single or few relatively cheap components required to be replaced in order to revive mainboards.

As a multi-skilled electronic printed circuit board servicing company we specialise in SMT rework, such as complicated surface mount component refurbishment and replacement. Our extensive range of micro soldering equipment allows engineers to replace components down to 0201 size. TFix day to day operations involve corporate and consumer level projects from iPhone repairs to rectification of manufacturing defects and working out best RMA strategy for in-field failures.

Through our continuous improvement strategies and constant investments into R&D to identify trending failures we strive to be current and above competition. Our passions drives us to constantly try new things to relentlessly improve our services and procedures. We love what we do and love sharing our experience with like-minded thinkers, doers and innovators.