PlayStation 4 Games Freezing And Crashing Repair

Local Repair Shop in London

When it comes to electronic equipment repair services, TFix provides services to 3 main sectors of clients; consumers, service centres and manufacturers. We worked very hard and still doing our best to be a leading London repair centre. Therefore, we ensure our repair services serve different customers according to their needs.

As a repair shop in London, we help local customers by being their local “near me” electronic refurbishment centre.  Anyone can pop down and get their equipment booked in for evaluation during our working hours without any prior appointments. Evaluation answers questions, such as can we repair your gear, how much it will cost and how long the service takes.

Repair Services in London at TFix Electronic Equipment Repair Centre

Specialist Repair Centre

When it comes to consumer electronic equipment repair services we don’t repair just anything we can get our hands on, we pour our heart and soul into equipment we decide to support. We aim to help gadget users to get as much value as possible from their kit. We do this by extending their life through various innovative repair techniques. TFix is on a constant lookout to identify the current trends in consumer gadgets electronic market. This strategy allows us to stay on top and come up with cost-effective repair solutions, which in most cases are faster and cheaper than manufacturer offered options. We understand that no one expects the product to be perfect. However, everyone expects the repair and service provider to fix failures quickly when the device breaks down. Therefore, we aim to reunite customers with their gadgets in just a few days. In-house designed and maintained repair services software allows us to manage high volumes while keeping customers updated every 24 hours. Customers also have the ability to login to our client portal and see all their orders live.

All our services come with FREE dust cleaning, FREE three months warranty. We are also very sure every single device will leave our labs in full working order as TFix Quality Control department checks every single function. We make sure you go home, plug in and use your device headache free with no further issues.