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The use of CD players may have slightly decreased in recent years due to the growing popularity of digital DJing and a plethora of controller options, but that doesn’t mean CD deck is on its way out. Most current models come with MP3 compatibility. It allows the DJ to plug a USB stick into the unit instead of fumbling with disorganised CD wallets. Moreover, it’s particularly attractive to those who like to travel light. For example, even if you DJ primarily with vinyl, working knowledge of a CD deck is often essential. Especially given the state of turntables in some clubs nowadays.

audio equipment repair


The CDJ-1000 was the model that established Pioneer players as the industry standard in the DJ booth, mainly after Pioneer introduced the MK3 model in 2006. The major new feature of the MK3 was its ability to play MP3 file disks; meaning a DJ can put a lot more music on each CD. Constant usage takes on decks, so they often need to be serviced or repaired.

The Pioneer CDJ-1000 CD turntable was revolutionary when it was released because it was between the first devices to mimic vinyl turntables without the vinyl. Then Pioneer launched an upgraded and equipped with a huge, 6.1-inch screen, the CDJ-2000 decks. These are among the most popular decks used in clubs, so we often receive water damaged units or the ones with broken buttons.

We currently service Pioneer CDJ 2000 and CDJ 1000 MK3 decks.


Pioneer’s DJM 600 may be old, but this mixer is still holding its own even against much younger models. When Pioneer first launched it, mixer moved the bar so high that other brands had their work cut out for them. However, time takes its toll on knobs and faders.

Pioneer’s DJ music mixers have a reputation for providing high-quality audio and reliability. The Pioneer DJM 800 has features recommended by many professional DJs and club engineers, raising the bar on sound precision and ease of mixer operation. The club environment and constant usage mean you will probably have to bring it to repair shop at some point.

And we are always here to help! We repair both Pioneer DJM 800 and DJM 600 mixers.

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