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You watched your fragile, complicated, expensive flying camera bounce between tree branches like a ball, then thud against the ground. Or maybe you were on holidays, flying over the beach, just having fun when your drone refused to listen and shoot out of sight into the sky. It happens to everyone. Everyone we know, at least.

Even if you have no good reason to justify buying one, you have to admit that drones are awesome. Some are glorified tech toys, but most DJI models we repair are fit for use in imaging and cinematic applications small and large. DJI models currently dominate the market, and there’s a good reason for that. The company is simply a few steps ahead of its competition right now.

DJI drones are essentially just flying machines which from time to time need our drone doctor services.

We have been flying and providing DJI drone repair services since the original DJI Phantom 1 release. It is easy to make a mistake flying your new quadcopter, so here are a few of the most common faults and DJI repair services we want to share with you.

dji mavic air repairs at TFix in London

DJI Phantom most common faults

The DJI Phantom is one of the most iconic lines of drones in the air. Everything started as a quadcopter which you had to have some skill to fly, and a hanging GoPro to get the most of your less than 10 minutes of flight. DJI Phantom 4 Pro is now a nearly autonomous precision drone with a near-DSLR capable camera.

The most common repair with the DJI Phantom drone series is obviously a gimbal camera replacement. The gimbal camera is a fragile part which gets damaged the most. Another common issue is a cracked shell. Shell hides all internal components, so it is essential to keep it in good shape without any open cracks. Let’s not forget a landing gear replacement as well. The landing gear is designed to protect your Phantom’s camera and shell during landing, and also provides a stable platform when the aircraft is not in use.

DJI Mavic most common faults

The original Mavic was a game-changer for the industry. According to sources at DJI, the Mavic Pro is the best selling drone of all time. So it’s obvious why DJI has turned this original success into a full lineup of compact consumer drones. DJI has also improved the durability of the gimbal camera. If you happen to crash your Mavic, you most likely won’t need to replace the entire unit. Our most popular drone repairs service is a ribbon cable replacement. Ribbon or otherwise, the flex cable is responsible for the movements of the camera. When you crash the drone and damage that cable, the camera can no longer calibrate itself. Or in some cases, you might not be able to control it at all. So it is relatively cheap to get that ribbon cable replacement.

However, it is a bit different when you no longer get any video feedback after the crash. It means the video transmission cable is damaged. Unfortunately, DJI decided not to sell that cable separately. Therefore, you or a repair centre will have to replace the entire unit. Lastly, we get a lot of drones with broken motor arms. Especially, the stoppers on both rear wings. They prevent the arm from bending backwards, so you want those parts to be perfectly functional and not cracked, broken or even missing. During the motor arm replacement, the engineer has to disassemble the drone, desolder the damaged arm and solder a new one in its place.

DJI Spark most common faults

If there’s one thing, DJI is good at, it’s stuffing a ton of features and functionality into increasingly small drones – and nothing showcases this talent more than the Spark. Even though the drone’s hull is roughly the size of a palm, DJI somehow managed to cram in many of the same goodies you’d find under the hood of the Spark’s bigger, bulkier, and more expensive brothers.

The most popular repair we have been encountering since its release is shell replacement. This model is different from other ones because DJI made a body with all arms connected. So in case, you crashed your drone, and one motor is hanging by a thread, you will need to replace the entire body. And probably the motor as well. As all the drones, DJI Spark’s camera is often impacted during the crash. It is more sturdy than DJI Mavic Pro one, however, not invincible. We see problems like a cracked plastic housing or torn cable inside. If that happens, we offer DJI Spark evaluation service so we can determine what we need to repair.

DJI Inspire most common faults

Another drone offering of UAV leader DJI is the Inspire series. Unlike the Phantom and Mavic line-up, the Inspire is geared towards professional use, particularly the film industry. Formally introduced in November of 2014, the DJI Inspire 1 was the first drone of the Inspire series. One key difference with this series is its terminator-like transforming landing gear and thin aerodynamic design. This allows its long carbon fibre arms to lift up and away from the camera, giving full 360-degree unobstructed camera freedom.

A most popular drone repair service though is a carbon arm replacement. Although carbon is a durable material, it still easily snaps in half if the drone falls from 100 feet height. Inspire drones are different from all the others because the camera is a separate unit which can be easily replaced by anyone. However, the gimbal mount often suffers the consequences of the crash. Consequently, to replace it, you will not only have to get the repair part but also have some engineering skills to replace it. Another common issue is an ESC status error which indicates a broken motor. Firstly, the engineer has to identify which motor broke and then solder a new one in its place.

Drone repair UK

You might have gotten here by googling “DJI drone repair uk” because there are no drone repair shops in your area. Don’t worry; we have you covered!

We offer free shipping labels to all orders placed online so you can conveniently get your device over to us. Simply print them out from an email. Don’t have a printed? No worries, simply click a button within the order confirmation email and we will post you the labels. Then just follow prep and pack instructions, stick the label on, visit your local post office and it will be with us in a jiffy. Once repaired we will then ship it back using our trusted delivery partners. You will receive a notification when the shipment is picked up and will be able to check the tracking information within your account online.

Drone repair London

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