Do more for your customers

Our consumer electronic repairs business model is based using this principle, which we want to share with you and encourage you to share with your customers.

Providing more diverse services will enable your company to attract more clients and increase sales which is a great investment in company’s development. This is also a great opportunity to exceed your current customers’ expectations!

All our repair schemes include full diagnostics, repair service and rigorous testing which ensure the product meets customer expectations and will allow you to provide consistent services all time the time and every time.

  • Get more customers

    More customers through your door usually means more business and more sales. Every business owner’s target is to get more customers through their door in order to expose their retails shelves and entice the customer to buy more. One of the ways to achieve this is to provide more services by outsourcing them to external partner.

  • Increase sales and profits

    By providing more services you potentially have more happy customers, which builds up your retail business reputation within local communities. We know how expensive it can be to run a shop front, therefore we encourage business owners to take full advantage out of it by concentrating on providing great customer service in-house and outsourcing the actual work to TFix.

  • Increase service level

    One of the biggest benefits when it comes working with professional repair centre is added value to your business and brand. By outsourcing more complicated services allows you to have wider range of services and be that one-stop solution for your customer base. It also provides you with more opportunities to gain access to new market areas as well as raises your confidence within local communities.

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We repair technology, as in your day-to-day electronic equipment (it stands for T, technology, Fix).


We care about technology, however, customer satisfaction is how we measure our performance.


We identify trending failures within the current market and develop cost-effective repair strategies.

With an experience of over 10 years in the electronic repair sector, we offer cost-effective repair services to local IT experts like you. Here at TFix we love gadgets and all things electronic. We always put our partners, customers and community first by not only repairing their tech but providing total solutions to their problems by going extra as much as we can. By choosing TFix as a partner you decide to be in favour of economic, environmentally conscious, innovative and future-oriented company.

How we can help you


Outsourcing. Let's Become Partners. Game Console Repairs

We have been in the market of console repairs for over 10 years and through constant research and development we are always able to repair current consoles with best available parts in the market. Be it a PS4 with faulty HDMI port, failing hard drive inside Xbox One or scratched screen on Nintendo Switch, we can most likely get it sorted for you. By constantly testing the available parts in the market we keep our standards high and repair techniques current to ensure your customers receive best possible service.


Outsourcing. Let's Become Partners. DJI Drone Repairs

Being an authorised DJI dealer, we stock all major drones and have direct access to all repair parts directly from the manufacturer. DJI also approved TFix to repair and maintain drones, which had a crash or became faulty in any other way. By working this close with manufacturer we are able to acquire all repair manuals as well as testing procedures to ensure every single drone is not only repaired but also brought back to a standard, which is as close as possible to state when it was manufactured.


Outsourcing. Let's Become Partners. Audio Equipment Repairs

We are proud to offer DJ and music production equipment repairs on classic and mordern audio gear, such as DJ decks, mixers and controllers. As always our R&D department is on constant lookout for trending failures and best possible ways to service and improve H-Fi gear. By maintaining high level soldering laboratories we can replace faulty components instead of providing costly module replacements. All replacement parts used are finest quality and thoroughly tested once serviced.

How it all works

It is really simple! There are 2 ways, either via evaluation service or fixed price service. If you know what needs to be done and we have the service listed on our website, simply place an order online for that particular service. Another option comes in handy if you are not sure about the fault or it is not listed on, in that case, simply select evaluation service.

  • How to place an order

    All you need to do is to go on our website and select the service you require then place an order and either deliver your device to us yourself or select the option for a pickup.

  • What is evaluation

    If you are not sure what seems to be wrong or there are multiple issues, just select the evaluation service, which will answer you 3 questions: what needs to be fixed, can we do it and how much it will cost.

  • How long does it take

    All repairs usually take 1 – 3 working days considering the parts are in our stock. For the repairs when we need to reach out to our suppliers for parts we usually notify about the extra lead time.

  • What about warranty

    For a complete peace of mind we provide 3 months warranty for everything we repair at TFix. If something we repaired breaks down, we will repair it free of charge.

  • How much to charge

    You can charge your customers as much as you want, however, to stay competitive we suggest to use our recommended RRP, which is always available on our website.

Looking to build meaningful business relationship, which will benefit your customers and improve profits?