AKAI APC 40 Fader Repair

AKAI APC40 Fader Repair - Slider Replacement UK


Private Client

At TFix we like to give back to community and our Corporate Social Responsibility projects involve serving local market with simple walk-in solution and get their electronic equipment serviced at discounted costs taking advantage of our corporate equipment and expertise.


This one was for our internal member of staff. We are fortunate enough to have a true audiophile working with us and once his AKAI APC40 went down it was a no brainer to investigate what was causing the issue. After a light debugging, we narrowed down a fault to a misbehaving fader number 1, so we decided to carry out AKAI APC40 fader repair.

Usually faders can be cleaned up as their tracks get oxidised and start losing connection, however, in this case we weren’t that lucky and had to replace the fader completely. Fortunately, the parts for this AKAI APC40 repair project were still on the market  and few days later eBay seller from Spain delivered the brand new part.

The AKAI APC40 had to be completely disassembled, which is basically just unscrewing bunch of screws and removing the bottom panel. Another few dozen of screws later and the whole board came out.

De-soldering the faulty fader was very easy due to all the soldering tech at TFix labs, however, we do suggest using low melt solder to make the task a bit easier as these through-hole pins are quite far away from each other and can be a bit tricky to get the solder liquid all at the same time on all of them.

New fader in, screwed everything back, fired it up and voilà! Channel 1 on Ableton was sliding as good as new. Result!

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