Yamaha DX27 Keyboard Repair

Yamaha DX27 Keyboard Repair - TFix R&D Lab Project - London UK


Private Client

At TFix we like to give back to community and our Corporate Social Responsibility projects involve serving local market with simple walk-in solution and get their electronic equipment serviced at discounted costs taking advantage of our corporate equipment and expertise.


This brilliant retro synthesizer came over to ask praying for help. The issue was C-note key was non-functional and keyboard required some TLC. As this was a charity project for local music lovers we decided to take a look. The Yamaha DX 27 was taken apart and during the investigation, we noticed that the actual cause for lack of functionality of the key was oxidation. This was quickly sorted using some PCB contact cleaner, which typically removes all the oxidation and restores connectivity back to copper surfaces. We have also cleaned out all the dust using compressed air from inside the unit, which accumulated since its release date all the way in the 1980s.

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