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How to Correctly Shut Down Your Game Console, Don’t Yank the Cable!

Why is it not suggestible to turn off your game console just by plugging it out of the socket? Because you need to shut down your game console pretty much the same way as you would your computer. It requires a complete safe shutdown procedure so that all the relevant processes could be shut down and this is especially important for your hard drive.

Liquid damage electronics. What to do?

Liquid damage electronics. What to do?

There are few different ways to deal with liquid damage electronics and there few different fluid types, such as sugary drinks, tap water or salt water.

Repair Your Gear. Reduce Electronic Waste – Think about it…

Let’s talk about recycling and how you can save money and reduce electronic waste using it to your favour. Every one of us has at least few electronic items at home, be it a computer, game console, a laptop or if you’re a DJ you most likely have your DJ kit, including DJ decks, mixers and so on. Once any of these items break down, everyone is like: ‘Oh my God, it’s a nightmare, I will have to spend all this money now to buy a new one, and I’m going to have to chuck this one away’. If your device is out of warranty, you most likely will have to do just that.

Damaged Nintendo Switch charging port repair

Guide: How to carry out damaged Nintendo Switch charging port repair?

Nintendo done a pretty good job when it comes to engineering and assembly of the Switch, however, as with all portable and pluggable devices there still are accidental damage situations. Be it a tripped wire or anger management issues during a Mario Kart mayhem charging port is the one who mostly suffers. Once that little USB-C port is damaged the console is only good for the time of battery life that’s left on it. Once that runs out the only option is either go back to retailer, get in touch with Nintendo for a repair or look for local electronic equipment repair centre, which specialises in Nintendo Switch repairs.

Nintendo Switch Touch Screen Digitiser Replacement - Console Repairs

Nintendo Switch scratched screen repair [FREE GUIDE]

As far as we are aware there are commonly 2 different cases of Nintendo Switch screen scratches. The first is a commonly known fault, some people call it a design flaw, which is when the scratches appear on the sides of your precious Zelda machine’s touch screen from inserting it inside the dock. Apparently if you aren’t super careful the “rough” surface of dock rails can scratch the plastic touch screen. The second case is much more obvious and it usually happens when you mix your Switch screen with sharper objects.

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What causes PS4 freezing issues?

Game console freezing or lagging is only one of the few issues that current electronic equipment experiences in general. What we mean by “freezing” is when you game console gets stuck whilst playing a game or simply has “hiccups” in performance causing it to lag. These freezes can also be observed once you decide to carry out an update on your PS4 to either bring new features or simply to enable latest games to be played.

What it takes to do PS4 HDMI port repair?

What it takes to do PS4 HDMI port repair? [FREE GUIDE]

So, what’s all that PS4 HDMI port repair all about? Replacing HDMI port on printed circuit board is not a very easy task and usually cannot be carried out at home due to requirement of at least micro soldering iron and stereo microscope due soldering joints being quite tiny. During the PS4 HDMI port repair you will also have to handle bare printed circuit board, so all ESD precautions need to be followed to ensure nothing else is damaged due to electrostatic discharge.

Playstation 4 Reballing Procedure - Game Console Repair Services Centre

PS4 reballing, what it is and how it helps

Playstation 4 has a major component called APU (Accelerated Processing Unit), it hosts CPU and GPU inside of itself and is developed by AMD in cooperation with Sony. It is actually manufactured by TSMC using 28nm manufacturing process. This component is the powerhouse of your game console and processes all the information as well as acts as graphics card for your PS4 to output all the video on your screen.