How to Correctly Shut Down Your Game Console, Don’t Yank the Cable!

Why is it not suggestible to turn off your game console just by plugging it out of the socket? Because you need to shut down your game console pretty much the same way as you would your computer. It requires a complete safe shutdown procedure so that all the relevant processes could be shut down and this is especially important for your hard drive. The hard drive needs to wind down slowly as this will allow making sure that the console starts up properly next time.

When you instantly unplug your game console from power socket or cut the power down to that hard drive – it immediately stops. This process cannot only corrupt your data, but it can also damage your hard drive. That’s not the only thing; there are plenty of more components inside of your PlayStation which can get damaged by a sudden loss of power.

We always suggest making sure you go into power settings and power the console down from there safely. Turn it off carefully, preferably using the software before plugging it out of the wall socket as otherwise, you risk the chance of getting your data on your hard drive corrupted. When it comes to Xbox game consoles, even when they are on standby they tend to download updates automatically and store on your system. So if you manage to interrupt that update, it will damage your hard drive, and it will require a complete software reinstallation. To sum up, don’t turn off your game consoles just like that, always make sure you go to settings and turn it off safely.

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