How Keeping Your Gadgets Dust Free Can Increase Their Performance

Let’s talk about the importance of keeping your devices clean of dust and how it affects their performance.

Every single, bit more advanced gadget, has some kind of cooling solution inside of it. It usually consists of a heatsink and a fan. The heatsink is attached to the powerful internal component inside of your device, which heats up and needs to be cooled down and a fan/cooler pushes the air through that heatsink to ensure it stays cool. This is the way the manufacturer ensures that components inside of your device are kept at their operating temperatures.

The problem is that we naturally live in a dusty environment, therefore, dust particles get accumulated in the airflow and eventually clog up the system. The fan cannot push enough fresh air through that heatsink and this causes the system to overheat. This can be clearly seen in computers, if your computer overheats or heats up a lot on the outside, it might start struggling or even start shutting down. Heat isn’t really a friend of your device and if internal components are exposed to heat for a prolonged period of time it can cause permanent damage with no repair options.

The best way to keeping your gadgets dust free and to eliminate this problem is to get your gadget serviced at the professional repair centre at least once a year or even more frequently. This will ensure it is kept running cool and sufficient air-flow can pass to keep the temperatures down.

You can look after your devices yourself. The best way to do this is to ensure you keep them in the dust-free environment or get some canned compressed air and blow some in the visible external vents to free up some dust. This will allow more air to pass to the heatsink and will help to keep the heat in check.

Look after your devices, make sure they are clean of dust and don’t overheat. If it does run a bit too hot, get it serviced before it’s too late.

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