Liquid damage electronics. What to do?

Liquid damaged devices. What are your best options once your electronic device gets damaged by liquid? There are typically few different ways your electronic equipment can get damaged by liquid and there few different fluid types, such as sugary drinks, tap water or salt water. Obviously, the worst one is salt water, because it has salt inside of and this is bad as it helps the corrosion process of metals. It isn’t very healthy to electronic equipment as most of the circuits inside of your gear are manufactured from metal.

As soon as your subject your electronic gadget so salt water or a drink, the best way to deal with it directly is to make sure power is cut as soon as possible to your device. It can be done by removing any wires, chargers and even taking the battery out if possible. It stops electricity current from causing even more damage by short-circuiting internal components.

The next best step would be to get it to a repair centre, where it can be professionally assessed. The repair centre then can take your device apart, address the areas where oxidation damaged the components and might even clean your device’s internal circuits in ultra-sonic baths with a dedicated oxidation-removing solution.

If you don’t have access to a repair centre straight away, the next best thing would be to take it apart as much as you can and remove all the liquid. If the damage was caused by salt water, this has to be flushed to prevent any more damage via salt corrosion. Then leave it to dry next to a heat source, even a heater will help. Don’t use rice; it does not help. Do not, however, make the mistake of trying to turn it on after you think it dried. Running current before the device has been cleaned professionally can damage it even beyond of any point of repair, so instead take it to a repair centre to be fixed professionally.

Save the environment, fix your electronic gear before buying new. It will also save you a fair amount of money.

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